L'ocean Professional Make-up Brush Collection -1

The set includes all the necessary brushes for make-up. The set also includes a stylish, high-quality leather makeup bag.


145000 AMD

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Creating unique make-up is a real art, a creative process, the main guarantee of which is the mastery and experience of the make-up artist. Not less important is the quality of cosmetics and their tools of application. Not all cosmetics can be applied with a finger or a sponge. This problem is perfectly solved by quality make-up brushes, which make the make-up comfortable, clear, help to perfect the face tone, the application of blush and eyeshadow. For natural brushes, rare animal hair is used as a bristle. Natural hair has dandruff, due to which the brushes take and apply just enough cosmetic material.

The collection includes all the brushes you need for a complete make-up. The collection also has a stylish, high quality leather cosmetics bag.


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